Karnatik for Kids

For kids to enjoy and appreciate Karnatic music : a South-Indian Art Music Form

Dear Friends,

Thank you for dropping by and hope you had a nice time listening to our bhajans. Following is a short note about how it all started…

At an age of 6, my school music teacher identified my voice while singing the prayer song and advised my mother to put me under formal training. My diligent & beloved mother took this advice seriously and thus began my wonderful musical journey under my great Guru Smt.Haripriya Ramesh. The loving bond I had ever since, with my music teacher as well as Karnatic music itself cannot be explained in mere words. I believe that my art has helped shape my personality tremendously over the years and even cope with the loss of my darling mother Smt.R.Lakshmi, to whom I dedicate all my efforts via this website!


(Left- My mom Late Smt.R.Lakshmi, Right- My Guru Smt.Haripriya Ramesh)

Karnatic music is an endless ocean and I continue to train under Smt. Uma Ayyar in Sydney, Australia where I live and work at present. I hope to help cultivate interest in atleast a handful of young kids and make a difference in their lives using this wonderful art form.

Happy singing and stay blessed!

P.S. – Parents are welcome to share their feedback and appreciate your encouragement via sharing these recordings if you like them.

Yours musically,

KalpakaKamakshi Sreenivasan