Karnatik for Kids

For kids to enjoy and appreciate Karnatic music : a South-Indian Art Music Form

“ainthu karatthanai”

ainthu karatthanai (Nithya Slokam)

RAgam : hamsadhwani


ainthu karatthanai Anai mugatthanai

Inthin iLampirai polum yeyitranai

nandhi magan thanai gnAna kozhunthinai

punthiyil vaitthadi potrugindrenae


He who has five hands and is elephant-faced, who has tusks like a crescent-moon. He who is the son of Nandhi, the start of wisdom, I place you in my mind and praise Your Greatness.

Note РIn singing line by line, the line repeated has been sung in a gentle voice for kids to follow.