Karnatik for Kids

For kids to enjoy and appreciate Karnatic music : a South-Indian Art Music Form

Dear Budding Musicians,

Happy Tamil New Year and a Happy Vishu to all of you 🙂 This is a picture of Vishu Kani taken at our place this morning. Here’s to a new musical start for the year !!!


Karnatik for kids has launched and now anyone can sing-along our simple bhajans and commence their journey into the world of Karnatic music. Our launch has featured a simple Sai bhajan which we hope kids would love listening to and eager to hear from all of you as to how you went !

We are already receiving a tremendous response on our Facebook page and are very happy and thankful to Sravani Boddapalli for sending us hear 2.5 year old daughter’s sing-along recording of our Sai bhajan 🙂 Do have a listen here:

This week features two special songs on the account of Tamil New Year and Vishu.

First is a Tamizh song which has the names of all the twelve Tamizh months in their order and is an easy tool to memorize the month-names in a musical way 🙂 The trick to learning this song is that it’s grouped into 3 stanzas of 4 lines each and each stanza has been set to the same tune for easy learning.

Second is a Krishna bhajan in malayalam which goes as kannanae kAnAttha kann endhinA.. The song means, these eyes, these ears, this heart and these feet are of no use if they don’t see, hear, remember the Lord’s name and have never been to Guruvayur. We hope everyone will love listening to this very devotional bhajan.

There’s more coming in following weeks, so please stay tuned in !

Have a musical weekend ahead !!