Karnatik for Kids

For kids to enjoy and appreciate Karnatic music : a South-Indian Art Music Form

“hey swAminAtha karuNAkara”

hey swAminAtha karuNAkara (Nithya Slokam)

RAgam : suddha dhanyAsi


hey swAminAtha karuNAkara dInabandhO
SrI PArvathEesa mukha pankaja padmanAbhO,
SreesAdhi deva gana pUjitha pAda padma,
Valleesa natha mama dehi karAvalambham (2)


Extend a hand of support, Oh Lord of Valli,
Who is the chief of gods, who is merciful,
Who is friend of the oppressed,
Who is the son of the lotus faced lord of goddess Parvathi,
And whose lotus feet is worshipped
By all gods and also by Lord of Goddess Lakshmi.

Note РIn singing line by line, the line repeated has been sung in a gentle voice for kids to follow.