Karnatik for Kids

For kids to enjoy and appreciate Karnatic music : a South-Indian Art Music Form

“KshEerAbdhi sayanA”

Hari Bhajan

RAgam : DwijAvanthi
TAlam : Ekam


KshEerAbdhi sayanA nArAyaNA
srI lakshmi ramaNA nArAyaNA
nArAyaNA hari nArAyaNA
narahari rUpA nArAyaNA
Vaikuntha vAsA nArAyaNA
vaidehi ramanA nArAyaNA
nArAyaNA hari nArAyaNA
nathajana paripAla nArAyaNA

Note – In singing line by line, the line repeated has been sung in a gentle voice for kids to follow.