Karnatik for Kids

For kids to enjoy and appreciate Karnatic music : a South-Indian Art Music Form

“srI rAma rAma rAmetI”

srI rAma rAma rAmetI (Nithya Slokam)

RAgam : mAyAmALavagowLai


srI rAma rAma rAmetI
ramae rAmae manOramae
sahasranAma thatthulyam
rAma nAma varAnanae


By meditating on “Rama Rama Rama” (the Name of Rama), my mind gets absorbed in the Divine Consciousness of Rama, which is Transcendental,
The name of Rama is as Great as the Thousand Names of God (Vishnu Sahasranama).

Note РIn singing line by line, the line repeated has been sung in a gentle voice for kids to follow.